The Poor Photog in France: What it’s all about

SCAD Lacoste is part of SCAD’s study-abroad subsidiary. Unlike other three campuses of SCAD, SCAD Lacoste is not a campus viable for completing the entirety of one’s degree, simply due to the fact that it offers very narrow selection of courses that cannot fulfill any program’s credit hour requirement. The campus can also house less than a hundred students at any given time, making it a very exclusive and selective program. Continue reading


Bonjour, SCAD Lacoste

Back in last fall, I found myself admitted to the privilege of enrolling in the SCAD’s Lacoste campus for a term. The campus offers courses from different schools and departments for students of various programs to come by and try out the ‘study abroad’ experience; but the crown jewel of the campus, however, is arguably the photography offerings.

My specific course selection was a cocktail of Sustainable Design and Local Art History classes due to financial restraints. I wish I could enroll in photography courses, but I just do not have the money to take classes beyond that of my major and concentration.

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Going on a hike

I make it a point to not share personal detail on my blog unless it provides necessary context.

With that being said, I should prelude this post by saying that amongst the difficult stuff that’s been plaguing my life the past few weeks is a cancer scare.

There is a fairly big and seriously annoying ulcer that has been sitting in my inner jaw that has been coming and going for the past few years: It hurts when my teeth touch it, and it is itchy as hell when left alone. I extracted my wisdom teeth to remove any source of irritation, but it decided to be rather stubborn at healing away; forming lumps and bleeding (quite profusely) in the process. Continue reading

Photographing Türkiye: Technical Challenges

the 35mm 1.8 is more than enough for hand-holding a low light cityscape.

Traveling with a group is difficult. It is quite incredible that I got the results as good as they are considering that I had to travel in a pack of thirty people in a very tight, inflexible schedule.

I want to take a moment to talk about some of the challenges in the technical sides of things and how I overcame them. Continue reading

Final Days in Turkey: Merhaba, Istanbul

My father is a fanatic of Rome, Crusades, and the fall of Constantinople ever since watching the film Kingdom of Heaven. It remains his favourite film alongside the band of brothers franchise. He says that it was faithful to the history and stayed very neutral in the political sides of things and blah blah blah, but I don’t buy it. He was only interested in Byzantium and the crusades after watching the film. I’m convinced that he liked it (at least at the beginning) because he found Eva Green hot. Continue reading