Bonjour, SCAD Lacoste

Back in last fall, I found myself admitted to the privilege of enrolling in the SCAD’s Lacoste campus for a term. The campus offers courses from different schools and departments for students of various programs to come by and try out the ‘study abroad’ experience; but the crown jewel of the campus, however, is arguably the photography offerings.

My specific course selection was a cocktail of Sustainable Design and Local Art History classes due to financial restraints. I wish I could enroll in photography courses, but I just do not have the money to take classes beyond that of my major and concentration.

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2014 Diwali Festival at SCAD

The International Student Support Office and the Indian Student Association organise a night of music, dance, and food each year in celebration of Diwali- the Hindi/Indian new year festival.

It was a great opportunity to spring out my new Fuji system and take it for a spin.

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