St. Patrick’s weekend in Savannah: 2015 edition

The joy of photographing a giant, public event is having more things going around you to photograph than you can handle. For once, you get to pick and choose. I had a lot of fun gunning around with my camera last year, and it was not too different this time around.

“Oh look, drunk people everywhere!”

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Savannah Film Festival: Free movies, art school, and photographing celebrities.

As a member of the University student press, I had a unique opportunity of working in the Film Festival as press.

Unlike most freelancers or full-time photographer/videographers, our staff is hilariously outgunned and unexperienced. It was both intimidating and hysterical to work alongside working pros. The positive side of it all, would be that it was a humbling experience for the working pros we worked with: them seeing college students trying to strive for the industry standard result with sub-standard experience and equipment. Continue reading

Experimenting with composition




My boredom is starting to really get out of hand. I have three more weeks until school starts again. (God save me)

I’ve been looking into different aspect ratios. 3:2 feels a bit… weird, for me. It feels rather long and makes me feel uneasy when composing. It’s just not compatible with the way I observe, in that there is just too much negative space no matter what I try to do. So I’m using the grids in my viewfinder as a guide to see if I can make something more usable with more square-ish comp. Continue reading

Going on a hike

I make it a point to not share personal detail on my blog unless it provides necessary context.

With that being said, I should prelude this post by saying that amongst the difficult stuff that’s been plaguing my life the past few weeks is a cancer scare.

There is a fairly big and seriously annoying ulcer that has been sitting in my inner jaw that has been coming and going for the past few years: It hurts when my teeth touch it, and it is itchy as hell when left alone. I extracted my wisdom teeth to remove any source of irritation, but it decided to be rather stubborn at healing away; forming lumps and bleeding (quite profusely) in the process. Continue reading