The thing about Boot Camp Pt.3: The RoKA service creed

Like any other service branches, the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA) too, has a creed.

One of the unique things about the Korean Army is that it still holds the tradition of holding morning and evening rolls every bloody day. During summer, all men must be up by 0600 hours, and we must be at the roll area or the training grounds by 0615 hours. During the roll, we report the personnel details, do our daily stretches and of sorts. Although the details change at times, there are two things that we must always do during the roll. One is singing along the national anthem, and another is reciting the service creed. Continue reading


The thing about Boot Camp Pt.2: The thing about M16A1

The Korean army mainly operates with four different assault rifles: the M1 Carbine (the automatic, lighter kind. Not the bolt action weapon.), the M16A1 (Most of them were made in Korea under a license), the K1 submachine gun (this one is an oddball. It was a service carbine/main weapon when it was first introduced as it receives the 5.56 nato ammunition, but it is now treated as an SMG due to its small size), and the K2 automatic rifle.

As of today, the K2 is the main (and practically only) assault rifle the Korean army boys use. The K-1 is more common amongst SWAT and spec ops units that need a weapon that really sticks to their bodies. We, the reserve and even some boys who are in active duty use the service M16A1 during boot camp. At around day 4 or 5, each and every one of us are given our temporary girlfriends (and the active duty boys would receive their ‘wives’ when they are sent off to their respective stations). Continue reading

The thing about Boot camp Pt.1: Introduction and Korean military today

As an abled male South Korean citizen, I have the duty to serve in the nation’s defense for approximately two years. I was conscripted at August 6th this year and completed my basic infantry training in the Republic of Korea Army Training Centre few days back at September 3rd. I must admit that it was the longest four weeks I have ever spent in my life.

I am fortunately a more rare kind compared to my other Korean brothers, as I am eligible for alternative service options thanks to my incredibly flat feet. I am thrown into reserve after the completion of my training instead of serving my time as active serviceman. In reserve, I serve as a public service agent. Our task is assisting in various administrative facilities; and among said facilities, social welfare organizations get priority in men power. Continue reading

The Poor Photog in France: What it’s all about

SCAD Lacoste is part of SCAD’s study-abroad subsidiary. Unlike other three campuses of SCAD, SCAD Lacoste is not a campus viable for completing the entirety of one’s degree, simply due to the fact that it offers very narrow selection of courses that cannot fulfill any program’s credit hour requirement. The campus can also house less than a hundred students at any given time, making it a very exclusive and selective program. Continue reading

The craziest term yet

My university (SCAD) operates in a 10 week quarter system. That means I generally get very little time to breather during an academic term. If I do not have a strong direction in what to put in my blog, nothing will go down. It really comes down to the fact that I don’t have the leisure and luxury of disposable time once things start rolling and assignments pile up.

I just got done with an insane winter term and finally started to put the food where the mouth is at – in terms of personal organization. For my Spring term, I will be enrolling in a study abroad program at Château Lacoste, France. It will be a very different environment and a completely different latitude, both of which I am very intrigued for.

I will be posting pictures here and there from all the craziness the past few months. For the time being, I will start with a few snippets I have from some of the sets.

In addition to my usual photographic endeavors, I have also been participating in the video department of the university media I have been working for. I don’t think I will share much about video or filmography in my blog that much. However, documentary filmmaking is something I would definitely like to explore somewhere down the road, and I feel that it will be brought up on my blog here and there.