Hi, I am the poor photographer.

I am a college student who always faces budget constraints, but that doesn’t stop me from taking up photography!

I will be exploring getting by with budget equipment, sharing ideas and my progression as a photographer.

Honestly, I am not the world’s greatest photog. Hell, I don’t think I’m even good enough to dare to start a new blog!

Nonetheless, I hope to impress at least some of the crowd.

I genuinely hope the content of this humble blog is both entertaining and informative.

Please know that this blog contains occasional profanity.
This blog is my primary way of venting frustrations in my development as a photographer, and making a learning opportunity out of such obstacles.

I may or may not ‘censor’ vowels when using profanity. When I do though, try and read it as if it is being bleeped out. I like to think that it actually makes things more humorous that way.

Honestly, although we may not speak it out loud, we all cuss in our heads, all the time. I hope it is not met with too much scrutiny.


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