The Poor Photog in France: What it’s all about

SCAD Lacoste is part of SCAD’s study-abroad subsidiary. Unlike other three campuses of SCAD, SCAD Lacoste is not a campus viable for completing the entirety of one’s degree, simply due to the fact that it offers very narrow selection of courses that cannot fulfill any program’s credit hour requirement. The campus can also house less than a hundred students at any given time, making it a very exclusive and selective program.

In the weekdays, students engage in normal class activities like they would be in any other campus, but weekends are often spiced up with field trips and excursions. Students who enroll in any of the art history classes offered in the campus will find themselves out of the village at least one day of their normal three-day weekends (classes run from Monday to Thursday in SCAD) in mandatory excursions.

Speaking of the village, SCAD Lacoste is located atop a small hill in Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. The Lacoste commune is resided by some two hundred people, but the village itself sitting under the Chateau de Sade is inhabited by some dozen people.

Vineyards and the village at distance

SCAD holds strong belief that extracurricular learning and networking is essential for student success. SCAD Lacoste continues this belief by taking students to field trips and excursions. There are total of three mandatory all-campus excursions to Nîmes, Paris, and Aix-en-Provence.

Here’s a short episode from my doc series talking about our trip to Nîmes, followed by Pont-du-Gard.

There is a village right across from Lacoste that is substantially bigger. It is called Bonnieux, and arguably has many things that Lacoste does not have. It has pharmacies, grocery stores, bars, even doctor’s offices, which Lacoste has none.

What stings even more is that the view from Bonnieux is significantly better than that from Lacoste.


But hey, we’re in France, so it’s hard to complain either way.


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