Bonjour, SCAD Lacoste

Back in last fall, I found myself admitted to the privilege of enrolling in the SCAD’s Lacoste campus for a term. The campus offers courses from different schools and departments for students of various programs to come by and try out the ‘study abroad’ experience; but the crown jewel of the campus, however, is arguably the photography offerings.

My specific course selection was a cocktail of Sustainable Design and Local Art History classes due to financial restraints. I wish I could enroll in photography courses, but I just do not have the money to take classes beyond that of my major and concentration.

The view can be quite splendid


My mates and campus staff would not hesitate to use the adjective ‘beautiful’ in describing the place. I prefer the word serene. Not quite sublime. The area is quiet and tame, but such wondrous quality (which is sorely lacking in the cities many of us are so used to) is often masked and forgotten due to the academic rigor of the university.

During the nine weeks in Lacoste, I had to produce two video series’: one explaining the design process during my class project, and another detailing some aspects of student life in the program.

Here is the first episode of the doc:

As my interviewees said, there is a huge hill between the Maison Basse and the Upper Village. I had the fortune(?) of living in Maison Basse, and made a couple of 1 hikes each day. Not too bad, but not that amusing, either. The hill is about 60° in incline. Not a trifle walk, for sure.


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