The craziest term yet

My university (SCAD) operates in a 10 week quarter system. That means I generally get very little time to breather during an academic term. If I do not have a strong direction in what to put in my blog, nothing will go down. It really comes down to the fact that I don’t have the leisure and luxury of disposable time once things start rolling and assignments pile up.

I just got done with an insane winter term and finally started to put the food where the mouth is at – in terms of personal organization. For my Spring term, I will be enrolling in a study abroad program at Château Lacoste, France. It will be a very different environment and a completely different latitude, both of which I am very intrigued for.

I will be posting pictures here and there from all the craziness the past few months. For the time being, I will start with a few snippets I have from some of the sets.

In addition to my usual photographic endeavors, I have also been participating in the video department of the university media I have been working for. I don’t think I will share much about video or filmography in my blog that much. However, documentary filmmaking is something I would definitely like to explore somewhere down the road, and I feel that it will be brought up on my blog here and there.








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