Savannah Film Festival: Free movies, art school, and photographing celebrities.

As a member of the University student press, I had a unique opportunity of working in the Film Festival as press.

Unlike most freelancers or full-time photographer/videographers, our staff is hilariously outgunned and unexperienced. It was both intimidating and hysterical to work alongside working pros. The positive side of it all, would be that it was a humbling experience for the working pros we worked with: them seeing college students trying to strive for the industry standard result with sub-standard experience and equipment.IMG-4

As a media pass holder, I had access to all screenings and events free of charge. I did not realize how fortunate I was to have both the working experience and the free pass until I found out that a pass that gets similar kind of access for those without media or guest privileges costs over $700.

Asa Butterfield at the opening night reception

I do not know much about filmmaking, so a lot of the ‘educational’ aspect of the film festival went over my head.

Analeigh Tipton on red carpet

We had several celebrities come over to give lectures, attend screening, and receive ‘awards’. Unlike most A-list events and festivals, these celebrities were here more as educational figures rather than glamorous stars. It was interesting to see how they had different perspective and outlook on themselves as ‘performing artists’.

Matt Bomer.
Matt Bomer.

Because this is an art school, a lot of students were incentivized to attend screenings of variety of films. For students, the tickets were free of charge, although sold in a first-come-first basis. There were early screenings of several big movies such as Big Hero Six and Foxcatcher. Many screenings were also followed by a Panel/Q&A by filmmakers who took part in the productions. Thank god I had a media pass: I would not been able to get in to ANY of these events without that thing.


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