A night at the fair

The term is now over, and I have fallen behind with keeping this blog alive. I will go crazy on this blog once again. But before doing so, I want to write something a little bit more touchy.

Let me tell you a story from a long, long, time ago.

Well, not that long ago. It’s about a month ago, which is still a bloody long time.

Anywho, after the (rather stressful) University Film Festival, fellows in the student newspaper group were allotted school budget to visit the Empire Coastal Fair, which is about good 5~8 miles ish away from the campus.

My jolly fellow photo man
Not so jolly editor-in-chief.


There were rides.



Turkey Legs.



Funnel Cakes.


Other ridiculous junk food that are utterly disgusting (in a good way)

IMG-9 IMG-15 IMG-7 IMG-8

People getting ripped off by the fair vendors.

He thought he’d won it for free.


IMG-20 …it was a trap.


And lastly, there was love.


She yelled: "Take the damn picture!"
She yelled: “Take the damn picture!”

IMG-16 IMG-23

Despite their quirks and attempts at masking their feelings, they are all wonderful people with morbidly-obesely fat, loving, hearts.

I don’t even remember why I started this post. Go to bed. Story over.



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