Oh, yes.

IMG_1371I have bit the bullet and switched to the Fuji X system.

I was getting sick and tired of the heaviness, back pain, and stern looks people giving me while lugging a machine-gun of a DSLR.

This particular lens I got along with the X-E2 can be disappointing sharpness wise, and lacks autofocus. However, it generates beautiful photos, and I am happy.

Sumbission-13 Sumbission-10 Sumbission-6I had a profound realisation regarding shooting with my particular set-up:
You can’t blame the camera.

I have full control over what is going on, including the focus, exposure, and composition. I have to use my eyes and my bloody brain to nail the focus each shot. It’s more stressful, but I end up getting higher hit-rate and just better photos. The fact that there is nothing else to blame but myself increases the pressure, but also motivates me to strive to be better. I would probably not use this system if my livelihood and paycheck depended on getting that one shot. As a hobbiest, however, I am very satisfied with my decision. It is light, compact, friendly, and very intimate throughout the process.


Added bonus: This one was processed and exported straight from the camera. I can see why people praise the Fuji X’s in-camera processing engine.

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