Experimenting with composition




My boredom is starting to really get out of hand. I have three more weeks until school starts again. (God save me)

I’ve been looking into different aspect ratios. 3:2 feels a bit… weird, for me. It feels rather long and makes me feel uneasy when composing. It’s just not compatible with the way I observe, in that there is just too much negative space no matter what I try to do. So I’m using the grids in my viewfinder as a guide to see if I can make something more usable with more square-ish comp.

I’m also looking into a couple of wider-angle lenses. I’m finding myself wanting the 24~35mm range more, but hating the 35mm dx lens I have for its handling and AF speed issues. The Tokina 11-16 has very high praises but I do feel the need to replace the 35mm I have with something like the new Sigma 30mm. Sigma’s 18-35mm f/1.8 sounds absolutely¬†brilliant, although expensive.

IMG-17 IMG-18 IMG-19 IMG-20 IMG-21 IMG-22


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