Going on a hike

I make it a point to not share personal detail on my blog unless it provides necessary context.

With that being said, I should prelude this post by saying that amongst the difficult stuff that’s been plaguing my life the past few weeks is a cancer scare.

There is a fairly big and seriously annoying ulcer that has been sitting in my inner jaw that has been coming and going for the past few years: It hurts when my teeth touch it, and it is itchy as hell when left alone. I extracted my wisdom teeth to remove any source of irritation, but it decided to be rather stubborn at healing away; forming lumps and bleeding (quite profusely) in the process.

This turn of events obviously alerted the dentists quite a bit. The itchy-ness and the lumps, which were identified as inflamed salivary glands, do point towards an allergic or autoimmune condition. However, there is also a very real chance of oral carcinoma or a lymphoma of the lymphatic network near my jaw or neck.

To know what the hell is happening for sure, we went for a rather invasive biopsy and are now waiting for the results, which will arrive a week after the day this post was written.

Ever since I’ve scheduled for the biopsy, I’ve been living a rather off-beat life. A lot of other things (both medical and life-related) are happening even right now, and I, at one point, decided to just ‘fuck it’.

Out of quick whim, I decided to climb a mountain (a joke of a mountain, really. It’s only 700 meters-ish tall.) right next to my little complex. Here’s a catch, though: I have to climb the 2000ft in less than 2mi distance. It’s not a Kilimanjaro-type all-out extreme climbing, but it is, by no means, a casual hike either.

Anywho, say hi to my existential photos.


2 thoughts on “Going on a hike

  1. I’d do anything to have a mountain near my house- or anything as pretty as this place! I love the muted tones in these photographs too. Very tranquil and atmospheric.

    Hope you get some good news next week, I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

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