Getting rid of watermarks


First photo to be officially uploaded without a watermark.
Thank god for VSCO film, too. (check them out, they’re actually kinda cool)

I’m so changeable!

Someone pointed out an interesting fact: “Watermark or not, some asshole’s gonna find a way to steal your work unless you cover the whole bloody thing with a faint WM. If the watermarks muck up your comp so much that it bothers you, just toss it. You know that the image is yours, so it’s not like you’d lose in a legal dispute.”

So, I’m getting rid of them ‘marks.

Now I have to dig through lightroom and export photos again to replace previous photos with watermark-free version.

Because I’m a nice guy, I’m going to export to 2000px on long end (I used to just export to original crop) so people can view my photos in (near) full-screen glory if they fancy to do so.

Oh, and as seen by my now-clichéd square image, I’m experimenting with different aspect ratios.


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