I’m sorry.

I’ve promised myself that I’d put something new on this blog at least once a week.

Unfortunately, I have been going through a rather unique cocktail of unfortunate circumstances: most of them medical in nature. I personally don’t mind sharing them, but I’m holding it since no one has to read a medical sob story of a stranger from the internet.

I have drafted a couple of posts (I rush through posts and don’t see the grammar mistakes), and will try to put something presentable on the table.

P.S., I just saw the stats and it seems this blog had zero traffic for an entire week! hurray!


2 thoughts on “I’m sorry.

  1. Ahh, hope you start feeling better soon!

    Also I’m certain that I clicked through some of your stuff a few days ago.. maybe the click counter is a bit off?

    • Thanks. I’ve had couple of hits from Korea from me going through my posts for errors, but I haven’t seen anything else. It’s quite alright. I’ll get more traffic if I make quality stuff, just gotta work for it.

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