Photographing Türkiye: 35mm love

I took my father’s FM2 to Turkey. The results were alright, albeit a little bit wanting.

I am all in all not very satisfied with the end results. I found that focus was screwed up in several of the shots shots, and later discovered that the ‘infinity’ mark on the lens I used was actually a little bit off. (which explains why this lens is rubbish) The subtle difference in depth and focus was not visible in the viewfinder, but it became bloody obvious when I developed and enlarged the photos. I am probably not going to pick up the FM2 again until I get myself a descent manual lens. (I am currently looking into the Nikkor 35-70 f/2.8 and the older Tamron 28-75mm 2.8)

The colour of the images was overly blue and greenish, which was not like what I’ve seen in other results of the Portra 400. The blame is either to the developing lab or the lens: I am leaning towards lens, because the colour did look a little bit cool and dull when mounted on my D7000 for a little bit of testing (combined with the warm/cool look of Portra, the results can be rather unfortunate).

I feel that Portra is best used under sunlight, and was not the best choice for Kapadokya in particular. I feel that based on my observations, the Gold or Ektar may have been better for the dunes in Kapadokya.

Following is a gallery of images I found serviceable, taken with the FM2.



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