Photographing Türkiye: It’s not about the camera.

I would like to take a brief moment to further my rationale about being confident with the equipment you have.

I brought a fairly basic kit to Turkey.

An entry DSLR with entry lens, and a manual film SLR with a rubbish lens (albeit with damn good film).

Although I pulled my D7000 with the prime lens when I was desperate for the low light performance; I can affirm that most, if not all, of its feats could have been accomplished with some of the slightly more pricy, but equally competent prime offerings from Canon.

I have every confidence that bringing ‘better cameras’ would not have yielded any better results during my six days in Turkey. I have enough understanding of the mechanics and the technicalities that it really comes down to me making smarter compositions rather than maintaining good technical hit rates.

So here’s an advice from a budget-tight photographer. Don’t worry about having better cameras, worry about your eyes and your brain instead. If you know what you’re shooting, and if you prepare properly, there is nothing to be afraid of.

I don’t see how a better camera would solve the problem of trees partially blocking the view to the building.

I saw a man who has brought what is a $4,000 kit from what he told me. He was apparently embarrassed upon seeing some of the shots I took over my shoulder. I mean, I am not a great shot, but he must have been really terrible.

If you can’t buy the quality of my photos, check out this post from Lana’s blog. I do not know the exact camera she used, but apparently it is a “Cheap DSLR, but it still cost a few hundred pounds” Yet, the photos she presented on this post are compositionally very strong. Better than any I have got, I think.



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