My Father’s FM 2

My dad has a 15-year old FM 2 sitting in the house doing nothing. Although the shutter and the film compartment is quite pristine, the mirror box is pretty filfthy. This is pretty strange, because the only lens he has is the rubbish of Sigma 35-70 variable zoom. Ah, but the old stuff doesn’t have weather sealing.

Now I am really debating rather I should buy a couple of rolls of film and take this camera with me to turkey. My father cannot join the trip, and he really likes the nostalgia of 35mm film that he is mostly robbed of these days.

Oh, the dilemma. I already have two DSLRs in my bag. Three cameras is way too impractical for me. What do I do!!!

EDIT: I just found out that scanning films proper is not cheap. Not. Cheap. Most places in Korea do not do high-quality scans. If I want high-res Tiffs, I have to pay ridiculous amount of money or do it myself. The cost difference between going to a place to get 10-ish rolls scanned with a serious scanner ($10 per roll) and just buying a consumer scanner ($130) is minimal. Nope, Nope, Nope.


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