My Ethnicity

I said, in a post yesterday, that I am a Korean citizen.

OMG! Ni Hao, Kimchi, Chingchong, Sugoi!

Please, please, please, please do not think of me as a full-blown, stereotypical Korean.

As I mentioned before, I left that country when I was ten. I have not been exposed to much of Korean media in my adolescent life, so I am a cultural bastard child who appreciates western popular culture a whole lot more than that of Korea.

While I am mostly enculturated to have preference on American media, my language and way of thinking is not exactly the same.

I attended an international school that, although mostly employs American teaching material, closely follows the british educational philosophy. In my final two years at High school, I opted for the IB-diploma program. The International Baccalaureate is British of origin; and although it tries to maintain neutrality, the fact that most of the IB faculty is British makes the classes very Biased towards British way of thinking. Hence, my Economics class focused very much on Keynesian theories; my philosophy class (fellow IBnites know it as ToK) focused heavily on moral relativism, utilitarianism and categorical imperative. (Ding Ding Ding! Adam Smith tags with Immanuel Kant as they batter up already withered Aristotle after knocking down Socrates!!)

This should also explain why the way I write and speak is often a jumbled mix of proper English and the Continental kind.



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