How Nikon has dug their own grave with their Professional line-up.

It could be said that Nikon’s ‘Pro level’ line-up is rather specialised.

You either have the resource hogging, megapixel-count-borderlining-in-ridiculous D800/E, or the speed demon D4/s.

The D800 serves as a great studio camera, while the D4/s is just bloody brilliant in anything action.

However, Nikon’s forgotten the possibly most prominent segment: press and events folks.

The 5D MKIII is a bloody well-rounded body: It has good enough ISO performance, a reasonably fast burst rate, manageable file size, and a killer AF system.

With the D800 and the D4 though, you have to choose; based on what kind of photography you specialise. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but a lot of gear-mongering crowd are in the wedding and events segment, and the D800 is not exactly a good camera for that sort of stuff. The D4 is brilliant, but it’s too damn heavy; and the MPx count can be a bit wanting for some, especially if they like to have some room for cropping.

Oh Nikon, all you had to do was take the D700, bump up the burst and buffer performance if you can, and give it the sensor and other small features from the D600.

But no, you had to show off with the 36 megapixels (that no one in the DSLR world is ever going to need within the decade) and ISO I-can’t-even-count-that-high (Which most snobby photogs won’t even go near to).

Thank goodness for you I’m a DX shooter. Despite your publicity in catering to the pros, your consumer line-up is a whole lot more sensible.

If I made a living out of taking photos and could afford all the full-frame stuff I needed, (and that day might come within the next few years) I’d go for Canon.

Oh and for Canon, props for you for selling so much of your consumer equipment with nothing but a bloody good marketing department. No, seriously, I am really impressed, because half of your budget lenses are shit. But hey, all the consumer crowd want is a dslr and a kit lens, right?



7 thoughts on “How Nikon has dug their own grave with their Professional line-up.

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Stuck to D700 because of the glass I own, but D800 is useless for me, and defective D600 had to be recalled the first week it was released. Don’t see any future with Nikon after my D700 dies.

    • I think D810 actually improves on a lot of things that made D800 a difficult move for D700 shooters. I believe you focus on people and wildlife – and I think the D810 can excel in both thanks to the better resolution, frame rate, and the enhanced crop modes. I think the 70-200 (presumedly II) would be more than suitable for the D810. If you’re invested in the Nikon system, give it a try through rentals when it comes out, perhaps?
      For me, as someone that is mostly happy with crop sensor cameras, I think I might as just settle down with the Fuji X system when the time is right. The different sensor tech really gives a contrasty, crisp look the Nikon and Canon can’t deliver without processing, and damn, the portability. Besides, the system is only several years old. If they keep it up, it’s only going to get better.

      • Fuji colors are the best.
        I did think about a d800… but it is too heavy to handle, and the files… Good for studio portraits, models etc. I have to be reasonable… perfect sharpness isn’t necessary for my needs, I like dreamy portraits and I am not a big pro:))) The only thing I crave for with my d700 is a freedom to crop:) Will wait when my camera dies naturally, then upgrade.

      • At this point, Nikon is pushing a lot of photographer’s hands to switch to the 5DMKIII. It is actually quite sad, almost pathetic, seeing a company as big as Nikon not being able to recognise this during their years of product development. 36 Megapixels is only relevant to landscape, serious studio portrait and fashion work, I don’t understand why they almost completely ignore the wedding and events crowd.

        So are you thinking of jumping ship once your D700 gives in? Or are you going to be sticking with Nikon?

      • Well depends when it dies… I hope by that time Nikon produces a camera for a normal user, not only elite. I love a good crop but 24mp would be more than enough… Hopefully they make something reasonable. 5DMKIII is very good, but changing makes is a very painful thing. Hope I won’t have to go through it.

      • I hear the D610 is not too bad if you’re okay with the AF spread. I had an interesting thought about using the gridlines as a guide for off-centre composition, and then cropping them by about 20%, and left with still better resolution and comp than what you can with the D700.

        I like the premise of mirror less in the regards that although not as fast, I can theoretically pull accurate focus from anywhere within the frame. If Fuji comes up with bodies with touchscreen, I think they will become serious ballers.

      • They still have these oil spots… Post editing is a hard and time consuming job. Would you play with your images just to improve the faulty AF? I wouldn’t. I better have my lower resolution and wait until Nikon stops making crap. All right, it is 2.30 am here:) Night!

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