Going full frame

Going full-frame: ‘Tis the dream of many digital shooters who are stuck with APS-C or M4/3.

More bokeh, more pleasing perspective, and better noise performance. I, unfortunately, cannot quite make that jump.

There are times, as illustrated by above image, where I want the low-light benefits of full-frame, but there are two limiting factors: portability and price.

Honestly, I am currently questioning the merits of having a DSLR in general due to its conspicuity and size. Going full frame means bigger body and especially bigger lenses.

Sure, the IQ is nice. The AF is also phenomenal, but is it worth getting a giant machine-gun of a camera?

I am right now looking into two avenues of upgrade (which probably will not occur within the year or two):

The Sony Alpha and the Fuji X.

The Fuji X system is very promising: Small size, top taste, and ridiculous performance. The performance may not be the best of digital imaging world, but it is just as good as any other APS-C offerings out there.

Although the Sony Alpha 7 is phenomenal; the AF performance is a bit idiosyncratic, and there is not a lens that is in my liking.

So I wait: in the hopes that Fuji or Sony. (or maybe some other company) make a great full-frame mirrorless system.

Honestly though; if I could afford it, I would grab a Fuji X-T1 with a few of their ridiculously excellent prime lenses and call it a day.


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