Savannah Film Festival: Free movies, art school, and photographing celebrities.

As a member of the University student press, I had a unique opportunity of working in the Film Festival as press.

Unlike most freelancers or full-time photographer/videographers, our staff is hilariously outgunned and unexperienced. It was both intimidating and hysterical to work alongside working pros. The positive side of it all, would be that it was a humbling experience for the working pros we worked with: them seeing college students trying to strive for the industry standard result with sub-standard experience and equipment. Read More


2014 Diwali Festival at SCAD

The International Student Support Office and the Indian Student Association organise a night of music, dance, and food each year in celebration of Diwali- the Hindi/Indian new year festival.

It was a great opportunity to spring out my new Fuji system and take it for a spin.

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Oh, yes.

IMG_1371I have bit the bullet and switched to the Fuji X system.

I was getting sick and tired of the heaviness, back pain, and stern looks people giving me while lugging a machine-gun of a DSLR. Read More



Three weeks in to college, and I am already swamped with crap to do. This predicament is more or less jus as expected.

I have been touching my camera less and less because it has been such a pain lugging my DSLR around.

I am in the process of selling them and picking up the Fuji X system. Read More


Settling into college

I moved in to Savannah just this week.

I have not even used my computer proper until today because I was so busy keeping my head on top of everything.

The week just before I got back to America was the Chinese Moon festival, which coincides with the Korean Harvest festival holidays. Read More


Experimenting with composition




My boredom is starting to really get out of hand. I have three more weeks until school starts again. (God save me)

I’ve been looking into different aspect ratios. 3:2 feels a bit… weird, for me. It feels rather long and makes me feel uneasy when composing. It’s just not compatible with the way I observe, in that there is just too much negative space no matter what I try to do. So I’m using the grids in my viewfinder as a guide to see if I can make something more usable with more square-ish comp. Read More


Going on a hike

I make it a point to not share personal detail on my blog unless it provides necessary context.

With that being said, I should prelude this post by saying that amongst the difficult stuff that’s been plaguing my life the past few weeks is a cancer scare.

There is a fairly big and seriously annoying ulcer that has been sitting in my inner jaw that has been coming and going for the past few years: It hurts when my teeth touch it, and it is itchy as hell when left alone. I extracted my wisdom teeth to remove any source of irritation, but it decided to be rather stubborn at healing away; forming lumps and bleeding (quite profusely) in the process. Read More