The Poor Photog in France: What it’s all about

SCAD Lacoste is part of SCAD’s study-abroad subsidiary. Unlike other three campuses of SCAD, SCAD Lacoste is not a campus viable for completing the entirety of one’s degree, simply due to the fact that it offers very narrow selection of courses that cannot fulfill any program’s credit hour requirement. The campus can also house less than a hundred students at any given time, making it a very exclusive and selective program. Continue reading

Bonjour, SCAD Lacoste

Back in last fall, I found myself admitted to the privilege of enrolling in the SCAD’s Lacoste campus for a term. The campus offers courses from different schools and departments for students of various programs to come by and try out the ‘study abroad’ experience; but the crown jewel of the campus, however, is arguably the photography offerings.

My specific course selection was a cocktail of Sustainable Design and Local Art History classes due to financial restraints. I wish I could enroll in photography courses, but I just do not have the money to take classes beyond that of my major and concentration.

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The craziest term yet

My university (SCAD) operates in a 10 week quarter system. That means I generally get very little time to breather during an academic term. If I do not have a strong direction in what to put in my blog, nothing will go down. It really comes down to the fact that I don’t have the leisure and luxury of disposable time once things start rolling and assignments pile up.

I just got done with an insane winter term and finally started to put the food where the mouth is at – in terms of personal organization. For my Spring term, I will be enrolling in a study abroad program at Château Lacoste, France. It will be a very different environment and a completely different latitude, both of which I am very intrigued for.

I will be posting pictures here and there from all the craziness the past few months. For the time being, I will start with a few snippets I have from some of the sets.

In addition to my usual photographic endeavors, I have also been participating in the video department of the university media I have been working for. I don’t think I will share much about video or filmography in my blog that much. However, documentary filmmaking is something I would definitely like to explore somewhere down the road, and I feel that it will be brought up on my blog here and there.







Savannah Film Festival: Free movies, art school, and photographing celebrities.

As a member of the University student press, I had a unique opportunity of working in the Film Festival as press.

Unlike most freelancers or full-time photographer/videographers, our staff is hilariously outgunned and unexperienced. It was both intimidating and hysterical to work alongside working pros. The positive side of it all, would be that it was a humbling experience for the working pros we worked with: them seeing college students trying to strive for the industry standard result with sub-standard experience and equipment. Continue reading